(Prices correct as of June 2015, and can be subject to change)

I have a “Face, feet and bum” service (hygiene clip) which is popular during the winter and for long haired dogs who are maintained by their owners; usually £10- £20 depending on size of dog.

*Owners are encouraged to stay with their puppy for the first clip and have a grooming tuition. The session should take no longer than 45 minutes (an hour is too long to keep the attention of a puppy). The first groom does not include bathing and the overall finish
depends upon the coat type, age and breed of the puppy. The cost of this is £15-£20

*Minor matts are no problem but I have a policy not to torture clients. If a dog is heavily matted it is recommended that the coat is sensitively clipped off and regular grooming is maintained during regrowth.

*Discounts are given for multiples of dogs from the same family.

*If your dog is particularly sensitive please let me know and we will work together to ensure stress is kept to an absolute minimum.